Surveys Services

Surveys are an efficient and proven method to learn about your customers and to collect data for product or service development. Surveys can also provide valuable information on how customers react to marketing efforts or how voters feel about political issues and candidates.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, executives are feeling more pressure than ever to understand their potential market, competitors and customers. As a result, call centers are seen as attractive and cost-effective option in increase responsiveness and lower costs.

Want to maximize the potential of your business?

Are you looking for that edge over your competitors?

The potential insight that can be gained by using VOZOVA’s call center survey services is priceless. We can provide you with the in-depth understanding that you need to know.

Survey Services Provided

  • Customer satisfaction surveys – the process of determining whether the customers of any company, brand or business are happy with the products or services delivered by the company
  • Employee satisfaction surveys – used to measure the satisfaction of employees in the workplace
  • Product penetration surveys – helps businesses to determine the customer base for its products or services within a particular market
  • Market research surveys – the research and analysis of a market for a particular product/service to determine a customer’s inclinations
  • B2B surveys – survey business partners and customers to determine their satisfaction with products or services
  • Tracking surveys – a useful way to determine how aware are consumers of your brand, what they expect from you and your competitors and whether or not they plan on purchasing your product or service
  • Panel surveys – used to determine people’s behavior by using data gleamed from surveys
  • Marketing surveys – a reliable way to gather information from target markets
  • Investment focus surveys – determine aspirations for investment within certain industries
  • Customer service surveys – an effective way to determine customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your business
  • Political polling – an effective way to determine public opinion for a candidate or political campaign
  • And more…

By outsourcing with VOZOVA you will reach a larger target audience at minimum cost

In any business it is imperative to routinely analyze business practices, products and services in order to provide your customers with the level of service they expect. This is the reason surveys are so important and why they are gaining importance throughout the business and political world. A survey is probably the best method to gauge the current condition of your organization.

Surveys provide vital feedback but with more focus on core operations and lack of expertise, businesses or campaigns fail to get the most out of them. That is where you can rely on VOZOVA to provide survey solutions that are reliable and effective. With a good amount of experience in handling surveys our expertise can help businesses grow by leaps and bounds.

Fight Off the Competition

We don’t doubt that you want to have the best business possible and gain an edge over your competition. Shouldn’t you know as much as possible about your customers and the environment around you? We offer the perfect survey solution, just give us a call to find out more! (800) 682-7806

Save Time and Money

By partnering with us, not only can you stay on top of feedback and make adjustments to your products or services as needed, but you can also save a great deal of time and resources. Probably the clearest benefit of outsourcing with us is having a professional company that uses the best practices and latest technology. Our solutions are priced to fit almost any budget and can be customized to meet your needs. Rest assured that our highly dedicated team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to surveys research, creation, analysis and data interpretation.

Why Partner with VOZOVA for Your Survey Needs?

Good question, right? Our dedicated and timely service will provide you with consistent information to help you in making the correct decisions needed for your business to grow.

You will get:

  • Your choice between live or IVR formats
  • Multilingual support
  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Real-time notification and monitoring

The Process

  1. Setup – we will focus our efforts on understanding your brand and goals and then create the survey to meet those goals.
  2. Design – we will implement the elements from the survey plan and design questions to glean the maximum amount of feedback from your target market.
  3. Information Collection Method – Depending on your preference, we can do online surveys, telephone surveys or email surveys.
  4. Data Reporting and Analysis – using Optical Character recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) we can quickly convert data capture to various formats. Access to the correct tools also reduces the time needed to process data

With VOZOVA’s call center survey solutions, customer feedback will become part of your businesses core strategy. No more guessing what your customers are thinking. You will have exclusive insight into your clients concerns and thoughts regarding your product or service. VOZOVA will deliver results beyond expectation and we’ll work with you to create a flexible, affordable call center survey strategy.

Get started today with your survey and see why companies rely on VOZOVA for results!

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