Live Chat Services

Live Chat Outsourcing 

More and more website visitors are turning to live chat as the preferred touch point for customer service. This is happening because Live chat currently has the highest satisfaction levels followed by phone and then email.

Live chat support specialists are always available to meet and greet visitors to your website. At VOZOVA, we understand that today’s consumers want answers while they shop online and will simply move on to the next site if they cannot get the information they need. Live chat access provides customers a convenient option for connecting with your company.

We provide a comfortable conversation platform that will make browsing or shopping on your website an immersive experience in which we can engage your customers and quickly respond to their questions, and provide that personalized experience that they crave.

Not only is live chat an opportunity to solve a problem for a customer but it is also a great way to engage first time visitors that may be hesitant shoppers. On various websites you may have already seen a little pop up window asking “How can I help you?”. Very often, this small prompt is exactly what a customer needs to close a deal.

We believe in providing the best service to our clients regardless of the size of their business. Our success lies in the success of our clients’ businesses. Our live chat service is affordable and has proven to have a huge impact on the bottom line of our clients.

Live Chat Benefits:

  • Stay Open 24/7/365 – With live chat specialists on your website, your business can remain open 24/7/365
  • Turn visitors into customers – Visitors that use live chat tend to convert more often as tose who don’t, due to the instant assistance
  • Generate leads – During the chat session support specialists will collect various customer information (email, phone number, etc.), along with details of the inquiry creating pre-qualified leads
  • Reduce Cost – Live chat allow for sales, tech support and customer service for notably lower costs than phone support
  • Increase Loyalty – Online shoppers and visitors to your website prefer live chat as it doesn’t interrupt the customer experience
  • Competitive Edge – Gain the competitive edge over competitors who don’t provide the service
  • Build Trust – Online visitors will trust your brand more if they have a real live person to speak to should they have any concerns
  • Improve Service – Decrease response time while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time
  • Continual Chat – Superior chat support can be provided by keeping record of your website visitors communication history
  • Multi Site Support – Special packages that provide chat support in one place for companies with multiple websites
  • Multi Chatting – The ability for one chat specialist to have multiple live chat conversations at the same time

We support 24/7 live chat service, our specialists work with client branded tools, such as chat verbiage templates and FAQ scripts customized for each client. Our software application can connect to your CRM to collect customer and visitor information, and understand customer behavior.  

Why Choose VOZOVA? 

  • Looking to enhance the customer experience on your website?
  • Want to decrease inbound support calls?
  • Ready to focus on your core business?

If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then, hiring VOZOVA to provide your live chat service just might be the perfect solution – We turn your visitors into customers. We provide a personal level of customer support and interaction unparalleled in the call center industry. Whether customers or visitors have simple questions about your product or need support, VOZOVA bridges the gap resulting in more leads, more conversions and an overall higher level of customer satisfaction. 

We can provide you a variety of Live chat services on a 24/7/365 days basis.  

  • Quality Services – We treat your customers as our own, and provide seamless, world class live website chat service 24/7/365
  • Affordable Plans – Our low prices make live chat services affordable for any size business
  • Experienced Staff – Our talent is mature, educated, experienced and looking for career paths. This blend of attributes provides the ideal specialists to chat with your customer in the manner you want
  • Superior Support – Our satisfaction rating with our clients is consistently over 95% because of our ability to save them time and money.


Our live chat systems are SSL based in ensure greater security. We have an automatic response manager and our chat specialists have the ability to chat in multiple languages if necessary. Our chat system also allows our specialists to support multiple chats at the same time, and if required we can also provide high-quality video chat services.

We will provide real-time site activity that can monitor a large number of visitors. We also have the ability to track browsing history, visitor history, the amount of time spent on a certain page and the type of browser the visitor is using. 

The Process

Guide Creation

Our in-house professional content writers gather FAQs from your business and convert them into live chat messaging guidelines that are tailor made to fit your brand’s tone and business objectives.

Review & Approval of Team Strategy

Your personal consultant will review and revise the guidelines until they meet your needs and feel comfortable with the language we will use when interacting with your customers.

Transparency & Feedback

As soon as we start interacting with your customers, you will have full access to our live chat software in order to provide live feedback as well as review every chat transcript. We believe in our service and your feedback is valued.

You will experience full transparency in project management, and maintain complete control of your business by outsourcing live chat support services to us. The following are a few reasons why our clients prefer to outsource live chat support to us.

Cost-effective and professional chat support services

  • Live chat support services 24/7/365
  • Increase in revenue, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Cost-efficiency and unparalleled return in financial investment

Grow With Us

VOZOVA will build your brand loyalty and increase customer retention. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and helpful live chat service possible and by doing so boost your sales and grow your brand.  

Our world class delivery centers in North America, Central America, South America and the Phillippines are an important part of our global network that helps to deliver value to our clients worldwide across a wide range of industries.

In the end, we provide you with the best people, industry leading processes and the technology necessary to succeed. There are a variety of ways that we can work for you, foind out more by contacting us at (800) 682-7806

VOZOVA is one of the world’s leading BPO Call Center Outsourcing service companies, one which combines classic management consulting with agent management expertise to achieve superior customer experiences and performance driven results