Healthcare Services

VOZOVA – Your Healthcare and Medical Services Call Center

In the past the healthcare industry limited its outsourcing to medical transcription and medical data entry but due to increased regulatory compliance and ever-increasing costs, outsourcing within the healthcare and medical sector has increased significantly. Services such as preventative screening, benefit inquiries, appointment setting and many more are being outsourced as a means to reduce costs and improve overall productivity.

With that being said, at VOZOVA we have a dedicated division, incorporated in Florida called – VOZOVA Healthcare. We service all US healthcare entities including hospitals, physician groups, third party vendors and payers with full spectrum revenue cycle services. We also specialize in patient intake and VOP services for behavioral health providors.

VOZOVA Healthcare Services Provided:

  • Patient Intake – Scheduling
  • Patient Care Assessments
  • Patient Pre-Registration
  • Verification of Insurance Benefits
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Insurance Pre-Certifications/Authorizations
  • 837 Claim Billing
  • 835 & 277 Claim Follow-Up
  • Small Balance AR Recovery
  • Medical Record Requests
  • Cash Postings

HIPAA Compliance

VOZOVA understands the importance of keeping patient information private. We strictly adhere to the guidelines as set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure that a patient’s Protected Health Information is collected, stored and transmitted with the utmost of security. As a HIPAA compliant call center we can help accelerate the cycle of communication, optimize workflow, and increase patient service levels. Our clients rely on our expertise to make certain they exceed regulations, in turn lowering the risks for security breaches and patient disappointment.

At VOZOVA only a select of group of agents are permitted have access to patient information and engage callers over our secure communications network. Regular trainings are also provided to our agents regarding information security with an emphasis on Personal Health Information. Regular Trainings and staff education ensure compliance of all related obligations under HIPAA.

Our comprehensive internal policies paired with our technology, security and privacy policies all comply with HIPAA standards. All this, paired with discipline is what allows us to maintain and manage a compliant operation that is heads and shoulders above the competition.

VOZOVA Call Center can be considered a literal lifeline for your patients. We aren’t just a call and messaging portal. Think of VOZOVA as an ultimate service portal. Your business requires a rapid response platform for all patient concerns. If you can’t reach out to patients with information like confirming an appointment or following up on medications, there is a good chance your practice will suffer. That is why VOZOVA’s healthcare and medical services are essential in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Our expertise is unparalled and we have the experience and wide-ranging exposure necessary to improve business performance. Our experience in the industry includes but is not limited to:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans

VOZOVA Call Center Services  Availability

Your call center partner should be the ultimate multitasker. The amount of information at any given time is immense and that is not going to change anytime soon.

By allowing VOZOVA to be your healthcare call center, your patients will not only have round the clock access, but the confidence to access and process key medical information. With our innovative systems, your patients will be able to find out the most up to date info whenever they need it.

If you are in need of assistance with your existing healthcare and medical call center functions and tasks, or if you are looking to create a call center from scratch, please reach out to our healthcare and medical outsourcing consultants today.

VOZOVA is one of the world’s leading BPO Call Center Outsourcing service companies, one which combines classic management consulting with agent management expertise to achieve superior customer experiences and performance driven results